New contents for the Big Data section – Technical insights, analytical tools, data science and more

July 27th, 2016 by Gabriele Ruffatti

This post aims to introduce new contents for the Big Data section of the blog.
Six years ago I added this blog to SpagoWorld, the open source  initiative by Engineering Group, in order to share comments, ideas and expertise – in a word  – to share knowledge.
Now it’s time  to enlarge this scenario over the strict open source boundaries, dealing with topics where open source tools are just an option – often the best option  – and open collaboration is a must.
Currently I’m director of both Open Source and Big Data Competency Centers at Engineering Group. That’s why I want to join these two activities and open this new section focusing on technical insights into big data, analytical tools, data science and more.

Hope that you’ll enjoy the following posts.

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